Thursday, September 16, 2010


About a month ago, our home was struck by lightening.  Charlie and I were not at home, but Happy was.    She was locked in the laundry room, right under were the roof was hit.  I am sure it was traumatic for her.  Neighbors tell me the noise was horrendous.  She is fine and still adorably  rotten.

I finally found someone to check out my 2 Berninas, 200E and 240. ( Since Charlie is now quilting we need 2 machines plugged in.  I am not complaining, it's fun to share a hobby you love.)  The machines are fried. 

Yesterday, I bought the Baby Lock Elegante 2.  I was afraid to get a Bernina, there are no dealers close by anymore.  They took the dealerships away.
What a shame...I think I have every foot available, including the expensive binding feet.   I must due a complete inventory of the feet for insurance purposes.  Did you all take into account your machines and their parts for your insurance policies?  I know if this had been worse, (God forbid) and the house went bye-bye, I would not have been covered.  Check with your agent and make sure you are covered.

We also lost computers and TV's.  It is quite amazing how lightening hits.  We have the most amazing picture on one TV set, but the sound card was hit.  If anybody knows of a deaf person, let me know.  The TV is not 6 months old, it just doesn't have a voice.

I am sorry I have not posted a picture of my gift from Minick and Simpson, but my daughter "borrowed" my camera.  I will get it back on Monday and will try to remember to post it.  The square looks grand.  It's a string spiderweb.

Well, I have run, out of breath and it's time to go to sleep...see you all later.


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